Coaching N.K.

I attended a series of coaching sessions with Kate for career transition and she helped me get a better understanding of where I stand and where I want to go. She has a wealth of tools at her disposal that we successfully used to get results and motivate me to do the work I needed to do to get to my goal. She is very attentive and responsive and it was a pleasure to work with her. N.K.

Coaching V.B.

In our coaching session, Kate was extremely soft yet firm in establishing the agreement and by asking the right questions to make sure that the objective and the success criteria were clear. Her presence was strong; she was fully connected to who I was, helping me to access my best resources. She was truly curious. She was completely focused on my words, but also my body language and tone of voice, spotting metaphors that she later re-used. She asked me very clear, simple yet powerful questions that helped me to gain insights and an awareness that truly changed my way of seeing myself. Kate was very direct in her communication, giving a direct feedback, yet staying very supportive, and all of it with a touch of humour that made the session very light. I am very confident that with her coaching skills and also with her exceptional life experience, she will bring a huge value to each person who will be lucky to be coached by her. V.B., MCC ICF

Professional coaching with 360° feedback survey O.K.

Kate ran personal interviews with my team and peers, where she asked them to think about my positive contributions and efforts. She gathered suggestions for improvement that were very helpful for me. Her report from these interviews was very objective and clear, including the criticisms, but also the efforts to be available and supportive to the team, helped my director to also understand my leadership style. O.K.

Therapy sessions B.J.

With Kate’s support and guidance I have worked through many psychological blockages and am definitely a better person for it, more capable of overcoming life’s little difficulties in a constructive way. Being an effective counsellor requires courage, non-judgemental listening skill, supporting strengths and achievements, flexibility, mental availability, and perhaps a few other rare qualities besides. Kate is on the very short list of people I can trust. B.J.

Training workshops M.S.

One of the ways that Kate adds value in running workshops is the way in which she adapts to the audience. She understands participants’ questions very well as she manages to put herself in their shoes. She gives them examples that are relevant to them. It makes them trust her and trust what she is teaching them. M.S., Training Manager, Perfume Industry

Training workshops J.F.

Kate shows dynamism and energy to hold the group’s attention along with a good sense of humour. She helps people learn with fun and enjoyment. Her pratical approaches are backed up with theoretical models generating real buy-in of the audience. She can explain the “why”. J.F., HR Director, IT Industry