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Lindley, K. (2013) The Social Construction of a Mother’s Identity Amidst the Confluence of Motherhood Discourses

My doctoral dissertation is available as a free download from the Taos Institute website here.

It is also available in hard-book format from Lambert Academic Publishing here. 

Lindley, K. (2011) QuEstCeQueJeNeDoisPasEntendre? Témoignages de mères d’enfants diagnostiqués avec un Trouble de Déficience d’Attention et Hyperactivité

Five women recount the messages they heard from professionals and non-professionals about their way of mothering and their children in interviews. There are messages that were helpful and those that were not helpful. It helps us to understand the dominant cultural discourses about motherhood in the Swiss-French cantons. First published in 2011, it was part of my doctoral work.
This book is only available in French. If you would like a copy, please write to me at drkatelindley(at)
Price: CHF 15.- including P&P within Switzerland.


Looking for an agent/publisher for my workbook “Why did I want to be a Mother?”

Why did I want to be a Mother? A workbook for Mothers who are confused about why motherhood hasn’t turned out to be all it was supposed to be, all that they thought it would be before they embarked on it. There are five chapters on :

  1. Be careful what you wish for
    Most women don’t know the implications of motherhood before having a child; partly because society does not listen to what women have to say about their experience and partly because we, as individuals, think that our experience will be different.
  2. Bad mothers don’t have a maternal instinct
    When we talk about maternal instinct, we imply that motherhood should come naturally and that if a mother is having difficulty, she could be considered a “bad” mother.
  3. Getting used to motherhood
    It takes time to get used to being a mother. As your child grows and develops, the way you mother changes to accommodate the child’s stage.
  4. On an upwards learning curve
    We can look at motherhood as a learning process or an apprenticeship because we learn by doing. If we do call it a learning process, it may help us to accept that we can’t get it right the first time or every time.
  5. What’s important to you?
    I invite you to think about the things that are important to you, sometimes called ‘values’ and to affirm them. It may make your life easier.

If you are interested in hearing more about my book, please write to me at drkatelindley(at)